OTR Trucking and the Right to Carry + MORE Recent Trucking News Jul 31st

I wish we had a right to carry for several reasons. There have been times that it would be nice to know that you had some real protection at hand if your were in jeopardy of being robbed. I hope they look at this more seriously in the future. There would be regulations for training, but a lot of us have plenty of that already including lethal force training from our home states.
Anybody remember the truck driver yanked from his truck and beaten with a concrete blocks and kicks to the head during the riots in Los Angeles? That shit would not fly with a concealed right to carry for truckers.
The trucking industry has always been fascinating to me, I have a lot of stories to share and teaching videos to help you out. I do hope you find them of interest as a lot of time went into production. I do my best to write as I speak and to say it like it is.

OTR Trucking and the Right to Carry

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As professional truck drivers make their way across the country, their job calls for them to work in every high crime area in the United States. Major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, Baltimore, Oakland, the boroughs of New York City and everywhere in-between, truckers can find themselves in serious and dangerous situations…

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