Power Station Radiators Load-Jim The Trucker Video Series

This was a great load even when delivering in Florida. They paid well enough to deadhead back out. I got lucky and was called to do the next load only 150 miles away up to Ohio.
This load takes special care in not over tightening the straps for obvious reasons. Strap placement is important and the people at the plant showed me how they wanted it done. My trailer lower deck length was a great help due to the length of each piece.

I was glad to get a good payer right out of South Carolina and I have to say having a good run of luck was appreciated after all the low freight volume and bad pricing.


You will learn how and where to place straps and other tips below.

  • How to place straps with the wood protection
  • How many straps to use for the length of product
  • How the load fits onto the lower deck of a 51′ step
  • Where not to strap to avoid damage

This load paid well and I was glad to get it. I mention that Florida loads are not always the best as loads out are not that plentiful. I did get lucky and had a load come out the next day that had to be picked up on a Saturday. I was happy to see that.



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