Railroad Crossing Equipment Load-Jim The Trucker Video Series

Railroad crossing equipment for upgrading the existing crossing in Corvalis Oregon. I had spent the holidays in a motel and finally got the word on the Ford contract and that it was delayed. Turns out the contract was canceled and we lost all that work. Gee thanks.

I want to apologize for having so many technical issues with lost hard drives, and lost files. I know they exist on the drives but getting to recover them is the only issue. My intro is gone for now, I have it on a laptop drive but I cannot get it to open.

Anyways, I have some videos I shot and I hope I can recover some and I will be shooting new ones as time goes on here. The loss of the contract means I will be back to doing loads from wherever I can get work. I guess that is the way of the economy these days. Some of the normal slow freight times is now, so I will be hustling again.

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