Railroad Spike Car And Pallets Load-Jim The Trucker Video Series

I had had about enough really bad weather for awhile. My freight had been loading during some really nasty weather and it was not fun at all. I was a bit tired after the nerve racking driving conditions and the fact that I had to load and secure in some of the worst storms in a while. From whiteout conditions to full blown ice storms and soaking rains, I had enough. I took this load to Florida panhandle and was glad to take a few days in the better weather and recharge my batteries and get ready for the next round.


This load was from Pa. down to Fla. in the middle of some of the nasty storms. As you can see by the trailer it was not good weather where I had been. The brown ice comes from WV. It had been a week or so with bad weather all over the place. The ice storms in Texas to snow that came later while in West Virginia and then picking up a new load in Pennsylvania. I am now in the Florida panhandle and the temps here are much better and gives me a short break before we do it all over again.

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