Saturday Morning Cooking-Jim The Trucker Video Series

My newer way to cook on the truck featuring a Max stove, very much like the Burton stove. Cooking outside I was able to make myself something good to eat. It beats eating cereal all the time. I do not have the capacity for a microwave anymore so this is a cheap way to feed yourself.

The can lasted for 3 meals with a bit left over. It is butane so really safe to cook with and keep the cans on the truck without issues. The meal most likely cost about 2 dollars or a bit more. It beats paying 5-6 times that in a truck stop. I get the food I want and cooked how I like it.

Cooking outside while trucking is nothing new. People have been using all kinds of barbeque or stoves to get a hot meal on their own terms. I think it is a hit and will continue to cook as weather allows. The wind can cause issues with the butane flame so getting a spot to cook so wind does not have any effect can be a challenge. Good luck and know that you really can do this if you want to whether or not you are an owner op or company driver.

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