Schaeffer Oil And Gulf Coast Filters

I am writing this to inform those of you who have never heard of these products and how they help the small fleet owner or the single truck owner operator to keep their engines alive for the long haul. You can, with the help of these oil related and fuel products, run your oil changes at longer intervals and run your engines cleaner on top of that.

I have been running the shaeffer oil products in two trucks that I have owned, and I see a huge difference in how they perform and sound when running down the road. Working together, both the gulf coast filter system and shaeffer oil have proven to be a winning combination for me.

I first heard of shaeffer oil some years ago from some old hands at the trucking business. They said they have been using this product for a long time and I should take a look at converting my truck over to it. I was really interested in getting my truck to run better and last longer, so I went and visited a dealer who was able to show me what I needed to do to do the conversion.

First, they had to drain all the old oil and let it sit for awhile letting all the old oil drip out. They changed my filters and we started to fill the engine with the shaeffer oil. We also did a first time addition of the moly treatment, this stuff was so thick it took an hour for a gallon to pour into the motor. The moly is used to add the extra treatment needed to make the conversion work better.

I was advised to run the oil to a regular oil change interval at first. I did this and went in for my next change. I was able to run my first truck at longer intervals as time went on, until I sold it and went with a newer truck. This is where the gulf coast filter came in to the picture. I converted my newer truck at about 225,000 miles. The truck now has 800,000 miles on it and the oil pressure remains at 62 pounds in my freightliner classic with a c-15 cat motor. I have had no trouble at all running the same oil for a year or more. I just do the gulf coast filter changes at what would be considered a normal change interval of 30,000 miles on a synthetic blend oil.

The gulf coast filter allows me to change just the filter both in the engine itself or O.E.M. filter, and the gulf coast. I then add the oil back to normal dipstick level and roll on. It soaks up about 2.5 gallons along with the engine filter of one gallon. This adds new oil to the system and keeps things running fresh.

I also use the shaeffer diesel treat fuel treatment product along with their better quality grease for the truck chassis. All of these products combined have helped with fuel economy along with extending the life of the engine and the oil. On a recent overhead, the mechanic did note how clean my engine was inside. Deposits are reduced and parts seem to last longer. I notice a huge difference when I use the diesel treat. Without it, I notice a power loss and sputter from crappy fuel out here.

Ask any owner op who has had their truck awhile, and they will know every sound the engine makes and how their power is supposed to be. Take away or change anything, and they will notice right away. I would not be without these products, they help me stay running and profitable in this economy.

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