Stainless Steel Tank Load-Jim The Trucker Video Series

I did find my splash screen, but not the music so I hope you do not mind my own drumming music for only a few seconds…hahaha. This is the stainless steel tank I was talking about. The load was 675 miles and I did make it in one day. I had very little time left but we did get there. They had canceled the crane appointment and decided to use a fork truck instead, which worked fine. The weather was the deciding factor as heavy rain was expected and did come later that day, that would have caused problems with crane operations.

You can see how many chains were used and the guys at the other end were impressed in saying that it was not going anywhere. I had some really bad roads to travel and I would rather not have any worries trying to drive and wonder if my load was shifting, it did not move an inch.

I would like to hear what you think and even if you want me to take out the drum part, I was just experimenting is all since my background music was lost for the time being. I played drums at an early age but had not had the time or room for them until more recently, I built a cool setup this past summer and am having fun getting back to what makes me happy. Even playing with a band years ago, I am rusty and I realize it, but I still have fun.

In the end I used 6 3/8 chains and binders to make sure this tank would not move. The parts under the tarps also did just fine and because of the shape, it seemed the best way to get them there without worry.

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