Tips On Avoiding Lot Lizards In A Truck Stop

For you married drivers out there a few tips for you on avoiding lot lizards in a truck stop. I always have my doors locked and my Windows rolled up, and I usually have the curtains pulled shut. There’s not much worse than having a lot lizard knock on your sleeper wall at three o’clock in the morning. I try not to encourage them or engage them in conversation or eye contact if I’m sitting in my driver seat.I can’t say how many times I have been asleep and been awakened by a knock on the sleeper. Tired from driving my shift, last thing I want is somebody beating on my door or sleeper waking me up only to find it’s either somebody begging for money or a damn lot lizard.

There are certain truck stops that are worse than others for having a lot of lot lizard contact, I try to avoid these if at all possible. When you’re at the end of your shift it’s sometimes hard just to find a decent parking place let alone choose where you can park and stay away from these people. West Memphis Arkansas is one of those places that is difficult to find a place to park. another place that is hard to park his Ontario California, you can see the lot lizards out by the gate looking for clients. There are two truck stops there side-by-side right where I 15 and I 10 come together, seems like there’s a lot of lot lizard activity in both of these truck stops.

I do have one tip for you guys, it a gal knocks on your door and ask to use the CB radio, don’t let her in. She only wants to use the CB radio to drum up more clients. There is a risk that you may be robbed if you do let this person in. They all have pimps or handlers watching them from cars, once they get in your truck they may negotiate a price for services and once you have your pants down they steal your wallet and run out the door. Their handlers or pimps pick them up and leave the scene in the getaway car.

I’ve heard stories like this many times over the years driving long-haul truck. The best thing is to always keep your door locked and don’t roll the window down all the way. Don’t make it easy for someone to reach in and operate the door handle. I had a student sitting in the driver seat with his back against the door, he had not locked the door and the lot lizard walked up and opened it. He almost fell all the way to the ground, had he not grab the steering wheel he would have. It was a good lesson for him in good driver security.

If you’re a new person on the road there are a lot of these things that you will not know unless you experience them. I wanted to pass along these tips so you will not be caught by surprise. Some of these people that knock on your door can be drunk or on drugs, until you interact with them you will not know. Why take a chance on a confrontation with somebody on drugs, you never know if they have a gun or a knife and just want to rob you.

There are a lot of prostitutes in the world and it is the world’s oldest profession. But the tips I give it here may keep you safe and alive.


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