Tips On Passing The 120 Day Inspection

Just a few quick tips on how to get along with the inspectors at these various truck stops. I myself always try whenever possible to have my truck recently washed. One of the other things is to try and park with the engine off, this makes for a clean and cool truck and is just a courtesy, not always possible but it seems to make folks a bit less grumpy when trying to crawl around the truck. The parts being clean make it a lot easier to see and less chance of getting a failed inspection. My example would be if you spilled oil while adding it and it was all over parts it would make the inspector more likely to look closer.


Since the inspection of course covers lighting, it also makes sense to have everything clean so they can tell at a glance that all lights are working.


A lot of places will give you a shower for free if you have your truck in the shop, this worked for me as all my shower tickets were at a different brand of truck stop. Ask the service manager for a shower coupon. In some cases if you have any issues with getting served in a timely fashion they may even give you a meal coupon to make up for any problems, I also have had that courtesy extended to me before. Remember that when they inspect brake pushrod travel you need to be there to operate the brake pedal, so be ready for that. They will also have you pump down your air and check for the warning lights and buzzers.

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