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Trucking-Is It Still A Good Job To Have?

We hope you enjoy your stay. If you are looking for the best information on how to become a professional driver and get a job driving truck, then you have arrived at the correct dock. We can get you loaded up on all the inside information and send you on your trip to success.

I started driving truck in 1985, I will do my best to help you find the straight truth about getting into this wonderful but challenging line of work. I am an owner operator currently leased to a large company. I pull a flatbed trailer and usually get rates that keep me profitable every run.

Let’s get to work. How many out there are looking for a job driving truck? There are lot’s of truck driving schools and companies to choose from, but which are the best? Which school meets my needs and how do I pay for it? Beware of anything for “free” out there promised by trucking companies, not much in life is free that is worth anything. So-called free training may just be locking yourself in a contract with fine print that says “complete x amount of years with us driving truck and your school is free”, yeah right. They take away any choices you have, and all for free school. If you get ticked off and quit, then the school will be sending you the bill. Be careful out there people.

There is one little known way to pay for your school for free however, that would be through vocational rehabilitation. If you have had a job loss, injury that will not effect your driving, overweight issues or even alcoholism issues, then you may get your training for free. Yes I said alcoholics can apply, you better be at least a year sober or more and be able to prove it under a supervision program. One thing the motoring public does not need is a drunk trucker driving 80,000 lbs down the highway. Use your judgment.

Get A Job Driving Truck

CDL mills and how to avoid those problems.
The best truck driving school will offer one on one training in my view. That is where you and the instructor are the only ones in the truck. No observation time to sit through and have it count as being behind the wheel. Be prepared to ask questions about student/instructor ratios and look for the 1 to 1 if you can. Sage tech. has that setup and it works well for them and the students. I was a driver trainer for 8 years, I could tell who had come from the better schools in 2-3 minutes. Trust me, you can’t B.S. when it comes to having skills or not when you take the wheel.

When it comes to choosing the correct company to apply to, use a checklist of questions prepared before you call. Questions like, how long for orientation? Will I be paid for that? Will lodging be provided?
Make a checklist of what you need to bring to start out from orientation to getting on the trainers truck. Be sure to have a packing list made out, but try to keep your baggage minimal. I would hope that you have, sleeping bag, 5-6 changes of clothes, personal care items, a coat, some people forget that you will be changing climates and altitudes and it can be winter like up in the mountains. Hard sole shoes and some places steel toes, hard hat, safety glasses, you will be going into places where OSHA rules apply, So, if you do not have these PPE or personal protective equipment items, you will be refused entry. Since I haul flatbed, these items are normal for me. I always wear steel toe boots and long pants or overalls.

You can pack this stuff if you plan right. You will need a flashlight, pens, notebook, and maybe a digital camera as optional if you will be getting trained in something like flatbed. This is for taking pictures of securement procedures while in training. The amount of room you will have is very small. Kinda like the upper bunk bed if you ever slept in one of those before. That will be where you store your stuff and sleep. There will be tight quarters, so prepare yourself ahead of time. Two people working and living in a small space. Most seasoned trainers will have this all planned out and be used to the arrangements. You on the other hand, will be new to this and wonder, where do I put all my stuff?

I own a 2004 freightliner classic, I have had nine of this model truck. I know where to store stuff and have had at least 50 plus students in the past years trying to store stuff too. You will need to be inventive a bit. Yes you may be able to bring along your laptop for fun and entertainment. Just make sure you have a case for it that is padded. Remember, the truck will be moving most of your training, production mileage and making that dollar. The amount of bucking and bouncing the truck makes will send anything on the top bunk flying to the floor, usually with great chagrin to the owners of the laptop in pieces. Trust me, 44,000 lbs in a van going down I-10 in some of these southern states will send any laptop to hell, and also put you on the floor. Depends on how big the bump is…ha.

One bag like a duffle bag from the army navy store should be ok for storing your main stuff. A rolled up sleeping bag, and a laptop or soft sided case about the same size for school or training supplies. Soft sided cases won’t hurt you as bad when they come launching from the top bunk, hard brief cases are like a lethal weapon when launched and they hurt like heck when they hit.


Fund Your Schooling With Vocational Rehabilitation

Finding the money for school can be a real deal maker or breaker. I have a few sources that may be of help. Check out voc-rehab in your local town, they should be listed in your state directory.

Finding a grant or other funds should be your first priority before going through any student loans. I had a very bad experience on student loans. It took me a long time to pay it back, I never could seem to get ahead of the interest payments. Sounds like a racket to me, but that’s my opinion.




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