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Most news we like to see is good and positive, but sometimes it seems like the trucking industry has had a lot of changes and not all good. New laws, rules, and regulations make our lives much harder than it should be. Some news we cover will of course be on this, but on occasion we may actually have something cool to report. Let us hope the cool stuff outweighs the rules stuff.
Analysts: Prospects and pitfalls ahead for truckingThe uncertainty hanging over the general economic picture for the U.S. is also clouding trucking’s near-term future as well, according to Wall Street analysts, with the current plateau in freight volumes poised to quickly shift into high gear if expected demand materializes…

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One of the increasingly frustrating aspects of trying to get some perspective on the economic portents for trucking is that almost every metric out there is in flux: moving from good to bad to maybe OK then down to maybe not, with no let up in sight for such yo-yoing.Trucks at Work
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Meijer Fleet Spotlight


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In trucking, if you don’t lead, you won’t last. At Freightliner Trucks, we push the industry out of its comfort zone and into the future with fuel-saving technology and aerodynamic trucks. But don’t take our word for it…

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