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A lot of breakdowns for me this past 30 days. New kingpins,steering box, steer tires,belts, alternator rebuild and the list goes on. My truck has over 815,000 miles on it and the time is now for fixing a lot of what needs to be done before it actually breaks. Preventive maintenance is expensive, but breaking down along the side of the road is worse, with a tow bill that can really put you and the customer in a bind.

I would much rather stop and take the loss in production time than to have the customers freight sitting along a road somewhere wondering how long it will take to get rolling again.

Truck repairs are just a part of the game. It’s a large expense for any owner operator or fleet owner.  Having the knowledge to know when something just doesn’t seem right and to have a qualified mechanic you trust have a look. I have given up on a lot of the bog chain truck stops. They don’t always have your best interest in mind and their bottom line to rack up the bills on you is their only concern.

I go to a small shop in El Paso Texas called Diesel Power Service. Phone shop 915-881-4305

Road service 915-633-4385

I have been coming here for a long time now, they used to be called Desert Diesel. It is the only place I will let touch my truck if possible, they happen to be the only people I have tried that can do kingpins correctly. Other shops have tried and their work did not hold up. Bushings were not set right, and they failed before the year was out. And of course, they would not give any kind of refund..nice of them.

Talk to Rudy, he is the owner and will take care of your truck and do it for a lot less money. The work is top notch and I can say that if I can limp to El Paso, then I can get my truck fixed and the work will last.

Rudy will be building a new shop just two doors down and north of where he is right now. This new location will serve the customers better. More room for parking trailers and plenty of space for trucks. Rudy offers road service and is building his own wrecker to help those who are stranded and need immediate help.

I highly recommend anybody who needs some truck repair in El Paso Texas to give Rudy a holler on the phone and explain what you need, he can help you and will treat you right.


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