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If you typed in “nearest truck stop near me” or something like that it is for an important reason. We have to have safe haven to comply with hours of service regulations and many times parking on ramps and shoulders is prohibited by law and company rules. I will attempt to show you the various company web pages and also apps that will give you the info needed and quickly.

As you know I am an active long haul trucker and my company requires no sitting duck style parking. I must find safe haven at a truck stop or customer parking area. Let’s grab the apps we need for Android and look at the web pages that have these truck stop locations for each brand.

Find Your Truck Stop With These Results


TA Truck Stop Near Me

TA Petro web page truck stop locations guide

TA Petro truck stop app

These links cover both truck stop names under one brand as they merged some years ago. Your Petro and TA drivers rewards cards work at both for your points and showers.

Pilot Truck Stop Near Me

English: A Pilot Travel Center in Lost Hills. ...

English: A Pilot Travel Center in Lost Hills. Photographed by user Coolcaesar on June 23, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



I fuel these days at Pilot and Flying J truck stops due to the discounts they give us and the drivers rewards of 10 points per gallon. These really add up and I get a lot of my food and small purchases for free. The shower power program is also good as my showers do not expire in 3 days so I always have a shower on my card when I need it.

Pilot Flying J truck stop web page location guide

Flying J and Pilot Android App


Loves Truck Stop Near me

I go to Loves truck stops on occasion as they have some of the food brands that I like. They also have a section of “as seen on tv” in the store that makes good gift items. People are always friendly and they greet you at the door.

Loves truck stop location finder webpage

Loves Truck Stop Android App

This should get you started in finding that truck stop nearest me search you are doing. Add the app for your favorites or all of them. Also favorite my page so you can find it again. I will try to add more info as it becomes available.

I will add one of my favorite search methods when trying to add a truck stop to my gps so I can drive there. I do not use Google maps to get me there with directions for one reason, it is not truck gps so you may have problems with routing. I do use Google maps to locate the options I have for truck stops and get the actual address to enter. I use Google voice in search to get the ideas and then click the results to show the map. Under each entry the address will show up. It may be a different way to get the address, but it works well for me. It beats calling the truck stop on the phone and having to ask someone the actual physical address so you can enter it in a gps.

The Pilot app has had some problems in the past with the fuel activation to start the pumps, I think they are still working on it. New technology takes time to work out any bugs.

The main reason I included both web page and app in this info is that not everybody will use or want to use the same tech to get the info they need. Truck stop locations are given on the web page and you can search by state or town via a map in many cases, and that will give you options of which locations are near you. I have had the truck stop guide show me a different town name for a truck stop than what I thought it was due to it being a suburb of a larger town.

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