Trucking And Facebook

There are a lot of great Facebook pages out there about trucking, some from my own company are pretty good and ran by drivers. But, there are others out there like my own page and one other of note that I wanted to talk about.

truckers had enough facebook

I have had a few private conversations with the owner of  Truckers Had Enough.  

I enjoy visiting and seeing the updates on my wall with great trucks and people from my industry.

It has a lot of great posts and humor mixed in as well. Not always for the feint of heart as it may have some more adult related posts but if that bothers you then just don’t complain. I like the page just fine and comment on occasion on some of the photos I see there.

I think if you like trucks, trucking in general and want to see some good truck pictures and related stuff then hop on over there and see what trips your trigger.

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