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As I sit after delivering today in Stanley North Dakota, I am amazed in this economy how many jobs there are in this type of work. That work is oil field work. There are many companies begging for people to come work. I heard just today there is a need for 3500 truck drivers just in this area. There is at least 10 more years or more of oil exploration and building of oil rigs just in the surrounding area. There are multiple oil deposits here, and that will make this place a boom town.

There is a shortage of housing, but the work is here if you can find any. I see a lot of people using motor homes and fifth wheel trailers to live in year round. This can be a rough area to live in when Winter comes, but the pay is really good. 18 to 20 bucks an hour to start, and they need all kinds of skills here. You can find work up here and not just for trucking. They need truckers or people willing to drive the local routes, you just have to have the cdl to get hired.

They move drilling mud or slurry, waste products to and from well sites. All kinds of work here to be had. I see the people that are here, they have money in their pockets and seem happy to have work. I would look on the net and do some searching for company information on who is up here. It is hard for me to see all the names, but I bet they are listed on the net.

Go with some of the big names like Haliburton, and different drilling companies. When I came to the top of the hill outside of town a few miles, all I could see was the methane fires for burnoff of the waste gasses. The fires were like a beacon to guide me to where I needed to be.

I have delivered to Williston, Watford City, Stanley and most of the towns in the northwest corner of North Dakota here. The oil rigs are all over the place, many way off the beaten path on miles of gravel roads. Oil field work may be a tough job, but the pay makes it worth the trouble in this economy. Finding work for many has been sour, but I bet you could find a spot out here in this area. Good luck and I hope this tip helps you find work if you are willing to relocate.

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