The Truckers Wife-Purple Days

I asked my wife Shawne if she would contribute to this blog and add her thoughts about being a truckers wife. Here is what she has written and plans to add more as she gets the thoughts put in words for you. Comment and ask questions, she will answer. She may send the answers and updates to me for posting, I do the technical aspect of the blog here.


You may ask her direct from the form here..

Hi all… we’re adding an email site for those of you that would like to chat about your experiences as a Trucker’s Wife ( or Husband) but don’t wish to put your thoughts and feelings out there for the whole world to see. Please feel free to email me any time and yes I will answer your mail.
Talk to you soon-

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I thought I might keep a log of my daily life as a Trucker’s Wife. Just jot down notes, thoughts, activities, etc- and see if there are others who might like to share their days, thoughts, activities, etc.

First off- we all agree, I’m sure, that a Trucker’s Wife’s Life is no picnic, but it’s not without it’s benefits either. Shall we start with the ‘no picnic’ part?

Sure- there are long days and nights, weeks, and months ( sometimes) when you’re alone and everything that can possibly go wrong does. It seems like nothing ever goes wrong the day or two before they come home, or during Hometime.. but the morning after the truck rolls out the driveway? Total Mayhem!  And of course- you’re the only one that can fix it. You become a plumber, a carpenter, a painter, an exterminator, a mechanic, a landscaper, wood-splitter, wood stacker, a veterinarian, and in some cases a single parent. Fortunately my kids are grown and gone with families of their own now, so that’s one title I can’t claim. I can claim the rest of them though.

Growing up I learned there were Pink Tasks and Blue Tasks. The Pink Tasks were all the things women did, automatically and without question. That’s HER job, always has been, always will be, and totally accepted. The same was true of Blue Tasks. It was beyond comprehension that a Pink would do a Blue Task or vice-versa! In our World the Pinks and Blues blend into a Purple- which means we do all tasks and NOT doing them is now beyond comprehension. And we learn to do them well and without fear!

We learn to do holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, trips, vacations, sightseeing, dinners out, fishing, meals, sleeping, and shopping alone. I’m not sure about your Sweet Truck Driving Man but mine is out 6-8 weeks ( sometimes 12) at a time and when he comes home he doesn’t want to be in anything that’s moving, nor does he want to leave the house.
Another Purple job? arguing ( with the man who didn’t finish the septic tank job but wants to be paid), and many other circumstances when a woman has to really out do herself to be heard. And we’ve gotten good at all of the above mentioned plus many more of life’s every day details. Most days it’s normal life, and most days we do it with a smile, because we’re Trucker’s Wives and that’s what we do.

It’s time to feed the critters, set the sprinklers, change over the laundry and think about dinner so I’m gonna’ sign off for now. Next time we’ll talk about the Perks of being a TDW..(truck drivers wife) like cold Pizza for breakfast.

I’ll see you soon!

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9 Responses to “The Truckers Wife-Purple Days”

  1. ginger says:

    After four years I’ve accepted that when my trucker gets home he sits around and does nothing to help. I work seven days a week to keep busy so when he’s home we still don’t see each other. I can’t get used to him not being a little attentive to be. After 21 days gone sex once is not acceptable. I’m not overweigbt and keep myself fit.

  2. ginger says:

    After four years I\’ve accepted that when my trucker gets home he sits around and does nothing to help. I work seven days a week to keep busy so when he\’s home we still don\’t see each other. I can\’t get used to him not being a little attentive to be. After 21 days gone sex once is not acceptable. I\’m not overweigbt and keep myself fit.

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