Used Machinery Plant Move-Jim The Trucker Video Series

This load took me close to home and paid just fine,especially for Portland. I was glad to not have to deadhead home out of pocket. A fairly difficult tarp job with a lot of corners and peaks and valleys. My tarps did ok, but I did have a seam failure which caused problems. This problem has happened to me with this brand of tarp before and they replaced it.

I ended up getting a tarp repair in St.Louis on my way out at Tri-City Canvas. They did me a fair price as it turned out the seam was not totally to blame. I had no problem paying for work to be done to repair the problems for the next load. I hauled the same containers back to Ohio after my home time. I did not have to tarp but the very next load was tarped. I stayed home and got my chores done, it was great to take a break after 3 months on the road.

The load count has changed just since I was home, and not for the better. I do hope to get something going here soon as my extended home time ate up my reserves.



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