What Are The Top Ten Trucking Companies To Work For?

Top 100 Trucking Companies
In the U.S. trucking companies, warehouses, and the private sector employs an estimated 9 million plus Americans within the industry. Of this figure, UPS employs 60,000 workers.
An estimate of 15.5 million trucks operate in the U.S., 1.9 million are tractor trailers.
There are over 3.3 million truck drivers in the U.S. One in ten are independent, a majority of which are owner operators. Canada has more than 250,000 truck drivers.
There are approximately 360,000 companies in the U.S; 96 percent operate 28 or fewer trucks while 82 percent operate 6 or fewer trucks.
1-100 starting with # 1 Below:
United Parcel Service
Yellow Freight System
Roadway Express
*out of business-Consolidated Freightways
Ryder Integrated Logistics
J.B. Hunt Transport Services
Con-Way Transportation
ABF Freight System
United Van Lines
Overnite Transportation
American Freightways
North American Van Lines
Swift Transportation
Werner Enterprises
Penske Logistics
USF Holland
Watkins Motor Lines
Allied Van Lines
U.S. Xpress
Estes Express Lines
Atlas Van Lines
Landstar Ranger
M.S. Carriers
Averitt Express
Vitran Express
Mayflower Transit
Landstar Inway
Quality Carriers
Old Dominion
Viking Freight System
C.R. England
Southeastern Freight Lines
Covenant Transport
AAA Cooper
CRST Malone
FFE Transportation Services
Crete Carrier
Saia Motor Freight
Trimac Transportation System
Dart Transit/Fleetline
Contract Freighters Inc
Central Freight Lines
Landstar Ligon
Heartland Express
Transport Corp of America
Burlington Motor Carriers
KLLM Transport Services
Jevic Transportation
USF Reddaway
USF Red Star Inc
New Penn Motor Express
Roberts Express
Suddath Companies
Marten Transport
*out of business-Dick Simon Trucking
USF Dugan
Mercer Transportation
Arnold Transportation Services
Stevens Transport
APA Transport
Smithway Motor Xpress
Initial DSI Transports
Cardinal Freight Carriers
Crouse Cartage
USF Bestway
Midwest Coast Transport
Groendyke Transport
Rollins Logistics
G.I. Trucking
Bulkmatic Transport
Roehl Transport
Ace Transportation
Miller Transporters
Wilson Trucking
Paschall Truck Lines
Transcontinental Refrigerated
*out of business-Cannon Express
Daylight Transport
Boyd Bros Transportation
Road Runner Trucking
ACME Truck Line
Ward Trucking
A. Duie Pyle
Barr Nunn Transportation
Dupre Transport
Daily Express
Armellini Express Lines
Bullet Freight Systems
Concord Transportation
Givens Trucking Co
Hermann Services

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5 Responses to “What Are The Top Ten Trucking Companies To Work For?”

  1. stookybird says:

    CRST belongs in a worst trucking ever top 10 list. they lied to me and my friend from the first time we talked to them. they would not let my friend in the program until he signed papers saying that he would repay $1000.00. $700.00 for kirkwood college refresher that he did not need since A. I was training them.B.he allready had his cdl. he was also told that he would have to repay them $3500.00 for half of the rental car that they rented for us to travel to iowa. i had signed for a rate of .49 cents while training my homie and .43 cents when i was by my lonesome. after my first run. they paid me .29 cents a mile. they then stupidly routed us near our homes so we got while the getting was good. even though I immediately called my dispatcher and told him that i would return his truck to carlisle pa. he screamed at me like a child and threatened to have tjhe truck towed to ruin my dac report. I had to speak to his superiors and explain to them that i was going to return the truck. they must be the worst big trucking company in the history of companies.

  2. Jim says:

    Hey Bird,

    Yep, the old bait and switch. I edited the page to show the Malone division for crst. The main van division is not much better than a pile of dog crap from what I have seen of their trucks. Do your best to make sure they get their truck back in the same shape you took it in, and take pictures of it to make sure they don’t try and charge you for any damages that may have been there when you took the truck assignment.

    Some of these shit companies keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome, I guess that’s the definition of idiots.


  3. Kristen says:

    trucking companies, warehouses, and the private sector employs an estimated 9 million plus Americans within the industry. Of this figure you took the truck assignment.

  4. Steve says:

    You think you could update this list ? Dick Simon, Cannon and Consolidated Freightways to say the least are extinct.

  5. Jim says:

    I will and I thank you! This was posted a long time ago and I appreciate you stopping by to mention the changes.


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