What’s up, with fat chicks in skimpy clothes?

We often wonder yet again as summer approaches if we going to be subjected to fat checks in tube tops with fat rolls bulging out and making us not wanting to eat at that moment so we don’t get sick..

Ever since Britney Spears was hot, I’ve spent the declining years of my youth watching women’s clothing get more and more revealing (as opposed to flattering.) Every summer, it seems to get worse.I wonder if they even care about themselves sometimes..

What’s up with tube tops, ect. on fat chicks (or even worse, low riders and butt-floss on a chick so porky, her upper a$$ cheeks bulge two inches over the back top of her jeans?) Nothing like the sight of a jiggling gut to dampen your ardor, if you know what I mean (and to the WOMEN who are dressing like this, it IS a gut, NOT a “tummy.” Just so you’re aware of that. You’ve got it I know, but PLEASE don’t flaunt it – COVER UP!)

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I mean… bellies bulging over belts, and fat a$$es showing off the crack, used to be associated with guys named Jim-Bob, hauling truckloads of chickens between Mobile and Atlanta on I-20 while spitting “tabacker juice” on the floorboards. Or redneck hillbillies who were both father and uncle to their sons.
Now, it’s typical of young women. Maybe I’m just getting old.
Actually, “merrybodner”:
Yeah, I’m getting old. (Or at least I’m
not getting younger.)
But I still do my push-ups every day, and
hit the weights 3x a week. I stay in
pretty good shape, truth be told.
I also dress conservatively, for what
that’s worth. So I’m sitting right in the
catbird seat on THIS one. (Sorry to
disappoint ya..!)
To “starbrite”:
Yeah, society’s getting fatter. Why?
Because it’s getting LAZIER.
Hey, I ain’t the coldest beer in the
fridge and I know it. But I’m willing to
take some time to stay in shape at
least. It isn’t hard, and you feel GREAT
afterwards. But no, you’d say “Tear into
the Ben & Jerry’s!” instead. And then
snivel “it’s not MY fault” when that group
of guys you waddled past were snickering
at how your butt cheeks looked like two
rhinos fighting under a blanket…)
There has got to be some moderation to the amount of crap you throw down the pie-hole. You can only fit so much in that mouth, maybe try a bit of healthier food maybe? Try a nutri-bullet or something, there is other alternatives to all junk food you know.

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