Will Walmart trucker’s crash thwart HOS reform?

Leave it to some dumbass in Washington to use any excuse to screw us over.  This law needs to go back to what it was before they messed with us. I hate the fact that some idiot who has never set foot inside a truck cab can even think about telling us what hours we can take a break and how many times we can reset our clocks.
We should be able to schedule our own day and not be pushed like this guy was with unreasonable delivery times most likely. This stuff has not changed over the years but the HOS rules make it harder to get the job done.
The trucking industry has always been fascinating to me, I have a lot of stories to share and teaching videos to help you out. I do hope you find them of interest as a lot of time went into production. I do my best to write as I speak and to say it like it is.
Not even a week ago, trucking advocates were upbeat about traction gained in the U.S. Senate to suspend changes to the restart provisions within the Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations that were implemented almost a year ago.read more

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