Winter Driving

Staying prepared for winter driving is one of the best things you can do this time of year. Watching ahead for hazards like flashing tail lights, revolving yellow lights that may belong to a snow plow truck, and of course any blue and red flashing lights that may mean a traffic accident. Keeping a good following distance and trying to concentrate on what may be ahead of you even further down the road than some people may be looking.

These tips can be used by any driver, not just professional drivers that are on the roads every day of the week in all kinds of weather. It may pay as a car driver to follow along with some of what I talk about here.

Having supplies and extra blankets and clothing is a best bet. You never know when you may be stranded in a blizzard and need the extra layers. Taking along food and water is also a life saver. I carry enough food and water for at least a week on my truck and have used it before with some of the blizzards shutting down highways and having to camp out and wait for the road crews to open the roads again.

My tips and suggestions here come from years on the road, you can always depend on a trucker to help out in bad weather situations they always say. We want all of you folks out there on the roads with us to get home safe and sound just like us. We hope you will take these tips from us and apply them.

1. Keep an eye out way ahead of what you would normally do.

2. Slow down when it gets bad, no need to tailgate and overuse the brakes and get into trouble, like going into the ditch.

3. Keep extra food, water and blankets and warm clothes with you in case of a freak blizzard.

4. Keep a cell phone with you this time of year to call for help and let the police know where you are and if you are stranded.

5. Call and let family know where you are if you are traveling this holiday season and your planned route.

If you can carry a hand held cb radio with you. you can use channel 19 and try to catch a trucker on the radio and let them know if you are in trouble. Many times, a trucker will be warning others of road hazards ahead and will let the channel know what and where the problem is. If there is no visibility or a wreck ahead, they will call out on that channel and let others know.

Stay safe out there on the highways this holiday season,


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