Winter Is Coming

Trucking gets real fun in the Winter,and that is just around the corner. Getting the truck all ready with repairs is one of the first things I thought of. Get all of that done so there is no issues come bad weather. I mean, pre planning for things that will be coming due for replacement, and doing them just a bit early. I did kingpins, batteries, alignment, tires, and a whole bunch more smaller things that will make a difference.

The batteries are the first thing that will fail come a cold day. If there are weak cells, then that big ol’ cat motor will eat those batteries for lunch. It takes one heck of a lot cold cranking amps to turn that big motor over and start. I have 4 batteries, so the cost is about $450 to replace them all. I replace all at the same time, not just one bad battery. This is important to do, replace all so they have the same strength.

Having a good front end alignment and new steer tires is important for anytime, but no problems with steer tires is a good thing, especially in wintertime. Making sure the steer axle is all good to go is comforting in any weather, but not having a problem when the weather can be a danger to you and your health, that is all the better.

I carry extra food and water for survival. I suggest all you folks that are just starting out to carry this and winter clothing and blankets that are spares to layer up with. If you have an engine problem, idling to keep warm will not be there. The only thing that may help will be and extra generator to warm the sleeper and cab. The temperature can drop well below zero out on the highway. The wind in the north states can and will cause wind chill factor that will make your breakdown a survival situation.

I live in northwest Montana, so being from there, I am used to snow and ice. But, if you come from some of the lower U.S. you may not be used to any of this and need to be ready. I carry the above items year round, but you folks need to make sure you have all I said and maybe more. Even a company driver needs to carry all of this stuff. You may have a cell phone and can call road breakdown, but it may take awhile for the truck to arrive and help.

Take care and make sure you think about what you have in the truck and get the extra supplies that you need. It does not take much to make sure you stay warm and hydrated if by chance you have an issue with your truck. Being prepared and thinking ahead will save you a lot of problems and could save your life.

Stay safe and careful this Winter.


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